Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Heat treatment unit RT12-1

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Post-welded heat treatment unit RT12-1 is indispensable assistant of every worker, especially in non-stationary field conditions. Light weight and easy connection (simple 5-pin socket) of unit provides preheating before and during welding, also post-welded heat treatment of small diameter pipelines.  

This unit can work with pipes in diameter up to 325 mm, providing automatic heating and temperature control with registration on build-in paperless recorder (temperature register), dependes on technical requirements and standarts. Several RT's units can be used for one welded joint, if it necessary.

Post-welded heat treatment unit RT12-1. Inverter. Inverter unit.

Power, kW
Primary voltage, V
380 (3 phases)
Maximum primary current, A
Cycle time, %
Secondary voltage, V
60 or 80 optional
Temperature control
Singlechannel PID controller
Temperature registration
Singlechannel electric recorder with USB flash-card recording
Number of heaters
4 pcs 60V each, 2,7kW or 3 pcs 80V each, 3,6 kW
Dimensions, mm
Weight, kg
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750011 Local heat treatment unit RТ 12-1