Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Heat treatment unit RT72-6

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It is need to use several channels to control heat, while heat treatment of big diameter welded joints. Independent channels provide accurate temperature regulation of all sectors across diameter of welded joint. Using of inverters with controllers in block station greatly simplifies this process.

Block station with 6 inverter or 5 inverter and 6-channel temperature registrator with record on chart paper and flash-card. Extra temperature registrators allow to conduct parallel heat treatment of welded joints of small diameter pipes with heat schedule fixation in 11 channels.

Case of modul unit. Electrical distribution cabinet installed in lower modul.
Case construction provides cable assembly outlet on the backside of unit for the convenience of the operator.

Block inverter unit for post-welded heat treatment RT72-6. Repair technologies

Block inverter automatic unit for local heat treatment RT72-6.

Power, kW
Primary voltage, V
380 (3 phases, 50 Hz)
Maximum primary current, A
Cycle time, %
Secondary voltage, V
Temperature control
Single-channel PID controller installed on each channel of a block station
Temperature registration
Single-channel electronic recorder with recording to USB flash drive (6 pcs.)
Number of heaters
 24 heaters 60V 2,7kW.
Dimensions, mm
Weight, kg
Number of channels
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750072 Local heat treatment unit RT72-6