Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Control unit KMKT

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Quality of post weld heat treatment is determined by possibility of heat up speed, dwell and cooling speed accurate regulation. Operator needs to watch indications of temperature recorder, adjusting process by ballast variable resistor. It is difficult to control all temperature changes on several welded joints during heat treatment sumiltaneously.

Our company has developed special control units for automatization of PWHT to fix that problems. Operator needs just to set up a programm. Units are designed to work with sources of AC or DC voltage (30 - 80V). They are compact and easy to use. Using of power control and programm temperature controller together makes possible manual and automatic heat treatment process. Controller analizes indications of termocouples and turns contactors on and off comparing with its programm, shows current temperature of heat and executable part of programm. 

Programming of heat-up speed, dwell and cooling speed setting (°С/h) takes 3-4 minutes. You can store up to 5 most frequently used. Enegry regulator controls contactor switching in manual mode. Controller has type "K" connectors for input/output for termocouple to which operator connects сompensation cable from termocouple to input, and compensating cable to temperature register output.

Control unit KMKT. Contactor unit. Local heat treatment units

Control circuit voltage
220V, 50 Hz
Number of control channels
2* (3, 4, 6-channel contactor units can be provided)
Temperature control modes
~ 30 - 80V or ± 30 - 80V
Nominal current on each channel
Maximum current
Heat up speed
Programm delay before start, hours
0,00 - 10,00
1 stage heat up speed, ° C/hour
10 - 700 or maximum possible
2 stage heat up speed, ° C/hour
10 - 700 or maximum possible
Dwell temperature, °C
20 - 1260
Dwell time, hour
0,00 - 80,00
Cooling speed, ° C/hour
10 - 700 or maximum possible
Number of programs in memory
Thermocouple type
0,5 %
Weight, kg
Dimensions, mm
Order code Description Add to Cart
700100 КМКТ 2/180
701100 КМКТ 2/270
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