Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Thermocouple type K sockets

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Thermocouple connectors are used for cable accessories connection. The connector conductors are made of a special material that provides the transfer of thermal EMF from a thermocouple without distortion. The reliability of signal transmission from control and control thermocouples is particularly relevant, while local heat treatment of welded joints. For reliable fastening to the compensation cable, the connector design provides installation sites for the cable holder. The connectors easily fly off in the installation floor, If you do not use it.

Order code Description Thermocouple type Insulator working temperature, deg. C Add to Cart
600010 Standart socket К Up to +260
600010В High temperature socket К Up to +400
600010А Socket for 600020A connector К Up to +80
600010-3 Socket with ground pin К Up to +260
600025 Connector in panel К Up to +260
600025-3 Connector in panel with grounding pin К Up to +260
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