Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

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Thermo mats

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Thermal insulation materials are one of the main elements of the heating system while heat treatment of welded joints. It is important to save reached temperature, like as requirement power selection. The quality of insulation directly affects the power required for heating, and, as a consequence, the resistance of heaters. Thermomats, sheathed with high-temperature fabric, much more resistant:

  • doesn't mess up,
  • non-conductive,
  • doesn't give linear shrinkage,
  • operating temperature 1200 ° C
High-temperature thermal insulation material
Order code Dimension, mm Add to Cart
401003 3600х600х25
401003а 2500х600х25
401004 1800х600х25
401006 1500х600х25
401005 1200х600х25
401010 900х600х25
401020 600х600х25
401030 300х600х25
401040 300х300х25
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