Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Digital thermometer with 400 probe

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Contact type thermometers have a number of advantages of other types of temperature meters. They have reliability and high accuracy of results, a wide temperature range, low response time. They have a two-line backlit display, so data can be easily read under adverse lighting conditions or at a distance.

Devices are measured using probes (thermocouple probes). Type K thermocouple is used in thermometers as a sensor with a wide temperature operating range. Measurement results can be printed on a portable printer.

The kit to thermometer includes: 9V rechargeable battery, instructions.

Order code Temperature range, deg. C Quantity of inputs Add to Cart
650011 From -50 to +1000 1
650014 From -50 to +1000 2