Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Temperature indicating sticks

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Temperature indicating sticks are the simplest and most accurate method for determining temperature of a heated body. They provide high accuracy of temperature measurement (± 1%) with surprising simplicity of operation. 


• easy and accurate determination of surface temperature; 

• low price;

• simplicity: no electronics, no recording devices, anyone can work anywhere;

• there are sticks with 90 temperature values in range from 40 to 1200 °C;

• high accuracy: label melts with an accuracy of ± 1% from set value.

Metal holder provides fast and secure fit. It increases work efficiency. Specially designed to be worn on working suit pocket.

Put a mark on a surface of an object, before work starts. Label melts, when seted temperature reached. Label can change color during heating, but you should not pay attention to this. Required temperature is reached only when lebel begins melting.

Welding machine should be simple and cheap, If no registration of heating temperature while preheating before and during welding is required.

Sticks can be used for overheating control of heat-affected zone during heat treatment of welded joint. It is possible to select control temperature 5 °C higher than the allowable one and put a label; Check label status after PWHT.

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