Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Heat treatment unit RT50-6

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Heat treatment unit RT50-6 (50kW, 6-channel) is very well to use for heat treatment of small diameter welded joints.

Local post-weld heat treatment unit RT50-6

Weight, kg
Number of channels
- Hard frame case with powder painting and additional varnish coating - Power sockets on the back panel - Special wheels for manual move - Reinforced base for loader transportation - There are 4 eye-bolts on the top panel to move by crane
- Air cooling - Insulation class - H - Voltage on the primary winding - 50 Hz, 3 outlets of 360, 380, 400V
Power at 100% cycle, kW
Working voltage (secondary winding)
0 - 30 - 60V
Nominal power of each channel
8,1 kW 3 heaters
Primary current at 100% cycle, A
- Control of working temperature of transformer with forced shutdown in case of overload or short circuit -Stop button -Individual protection of each channel through a fuse -Safety shutdown device 300mA (optional) -Control voltage stabilization unit (optional)
Contact voltage referring to grounding
- Maximum voltage is 30V with quick-release tripping via built-in protective cut-off device 300 mA
Temperature register
12 or 6-channel, electronic. Record on chart paper of 180 mm (optional - paperless recorder)
Thermocouple inputs
12 or 6 type K thermocouple panel connectors
Type of controller
TC-60 with special software in case of separate control for each channel. P250A or P256A by request in case of control of all channels by one program.
Visual control
- Neon indicator - Ammeter 200А
Manual control
Enegry regulator on each channel
Dimensions LxWxH, mm
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750050 Local heat treatment unit RT50-6