Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Gas infrared heaters

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Gas panels are the most economical method of preheating during and before orbital welding of cases rotating on rollers.

Panels are mounted on brackets in lower quarter of device from 6 to 10 hours (when turning clockwise), to prevent falling flux on heating surface.

Cases made in stainless steel  with a patented gas combustion system inside mesh heat-resistant structure, they are specially designed for heating metal surfaces. Absence of widespread ceramic elements makes heaters more reliable for use in industrial production.

Heaters are equipped with special radiating screens to increase power on 30%. All heaters come with thermoelectric valves and flame control sensors. Sensor detects temperature drop and valve cuts off gas supplying, if burning stops.

Simple change of nozzles can change using propane-butane to natural gas.

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