Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Spread heating elements

Spread heating elements
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Spread heating elements are well suited for heat treatment of welded joints at conical junctions and other shaped surfaces. They are also well used for heat treatment of large-diameter fittings. U-shaped heating pads are used for heat treatment of incut of small-diameter fittings.

Spread heating elements can be made to the same voltage as conventional heating pads (30, 60, 80 ...) in the same dimensions. First digit of the code must be changed to 3, when ordering stretch heating pads. For example: heater code 161010 in the stretch version is 361010, heater code 170912V in the stretch version is 370912B.

Connection pins of spread heaters can go in different directions. It is more convenient to place the leads towards to tensile part, and for heat treatment of conical transitions - toward to fixed part for heat treatment of nozzles. Connection side must be specified when ordering.

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