Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

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Stationary pyrometer

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Stationary pyrometer is equipped with an infrared sensor for remote temperature measurement. It is built into technique equipment, designed for continuous monitoring of production processes, for example, when measuring the temperature of the attendant heating during welding of a tank rotating on the roller carriers. The stationary pyrometer operates in a different infrared spectrum, which makes it possible to solve most part of difficult problems of non-contact temperature measurement.

Temperature range, °С   from -40 to 600 
Optical resolution 15:1
Case material metal
Overall dimensions, mm 150х180х45

You need 220V power connection. The device comes fully configured. Temperature at the weld can be seen on the instrument screen and recorded on the digram paper, having connected compensation cable from the recorder to the thermocouple connector.

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