Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Electric tester

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Thermist connects a large number of cables that connect power source (heat treatment unit) and heating elements during heat treatment of welded joints. Sometimes many cables are routed to one large welded joint or heaters are installed at a big distance. In both cases, thermist must measure current to control connection and operability of heaters. Using of such testers is an indispensable tool for operator during local heat treatment of welds.

Electric tester is a multifunctional measuring instrument, and it is designed for measuing parameters of electrical circuits of AC and DC.

Main feature is tester ensures safe automatic selection of measuring mode according to algorithm:

DC voltage → AC voltage; DC resistance → ringing of a circuit; AC → DC.

Tester has additional modes: self-checking of health, diodes testing, indication of battery life, auto-hold result during current measuring .

    Measuring scale      4
    Quantity of measures per second      5 
    Battery “Krona”, V      9
    Battery life, h      250
    Operating conditions temperature/humidity       0-45/80
    Overall dimensions, mm      83х200х48
    Weight, g      375 

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