Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Volume heat treatment of vessels, columns, apparatus and sphere tanks

Volume post weld heat treatment PWHT 

During the construction or repair of columns, vessels and apparatus working under pressure, sphere tanks, various case heat exchange equipment technical documentation often requires post weld heat treatment of all welded joints or the entire product.

Using the local heat treatment to solve these problems is not always optimal. In this case, the heat treatment may take a long time. If materials and project documentation allows, it is possible to carry out volumetric PWHT of the whole product or in part.

In this case the heating is performed with heated air generated by the combustion of diesel fuel, natural or liquid gas. The burners are mounted directly on the manholes or other technological flanges of the vessel. The uniformity of the thermal field is ensured by circulation of heated air inside the vessel provided by high-speed fans. Temperature control is carried out by thermocouples mounted outside on the surface of the vessel.

Whatever the task is, local or volumetric heat treatment, the teams of our highly qualified specialists are ready to work on the objects and solve the tasks in the shortest time.

Each work is preceded by detailed engineering research. The most optimal solution is selected based on the job conditions. The results of the work are issued as a report with all the necessary diagrams, journals, certificates, licences, etc.

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