Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Welded joint heating modeling

During the performing heat treatment of welded joints it may be difficult to determine the required width of the heating zone, the thickness and width of the insulation, the need for heating on both sides or other technical details.

Often and especially on large thick-walled objects or objects of complex shape the task is not only to control the welded joint, but also to obtain specific temperatures in the heat-affected zone and zone covered by heaters and the heat insulation. Even the determination of the required heating power with regard to a given shape of the temperature field is often a difficult task with many variables.

Our engineers have developed a special program for temperature field modelling. You can calculate the needed power of heating elements for each welded joint and to find the best position for haters which will ensure the correct temperature feild on the joint.


For all our customers we perform temperature field modelling for free!

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