Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

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Yokogawa temperature recorders with paper chart and SD-card

Yokogawa temperature recorders with paper chart and SD-card
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Temperature recorder with ability to record data on both chart paper and electronic media (SD card).

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The recorder allows you to make the settings most suitable for recording temperature graphs while local heat treatment of welded joints.

A 180 mm wide chart tape is used for chart printing. The temperature scale can be changed. A scale of 0–1000 °C is used as standard. When performing heat treatment of welds using higher modes, chart paper 0–1200 C is used.

The screen is the most convenient in this temperature recorder.  All measured 12 channels are displayed simultaneously on it. One glance operator thermist enough to understand the temperature change on all channels.

The chart recorder allows you to change movement speed of chart tape.

A feature of this recorder is the ability to turn off or turn on every channels for recording the heat treatment temperature without stopping recording of other channels.

Order code Description Chart width, mm Add to Cart
660529 6-channel register 100
660525 12-channel register 180
660528 18-channel register 180
660527 24-channel register 180
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