Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Heating panels

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In 1980s, heating panels with open heating strips became widespread in chemical, oil and nuclear engineering of the USSR. Virtually, all plants were equipped with Kokusai electric heating panels. Our company has developed and established production of similar panels. Main characteristics:
  • Size is 600х400 mm.
  • Special coating to increase intensity of radiation.
  • Maximum voltage is 80V.
  • Maximum power 19kW.
  • Fastening - a quick-detachable collar on a pipe of 48 mm.
  • Нагревательные панели для подогрева. Аналог Kokusai electric


    Применение нагревательных панелей


    Панели Kokusai electric

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    211010 Heating panels
    211011 Heating panels with thermocouple for temperature control of spiral
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