Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Heating elements for heat exchangers pipes welded joints

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In manufacture of heat exchangers from heat-resistant steels (15XM), it is required not only to provide heating before and during welding, but also to welded joints heat treatment of welded pipes to tube sheet. Our company has developed and successfully implemented technology and heaters to perform this work, to solve this problem.

Order code Diameter, mm Nominal voltage, V Powewr, kW Add to Cart
320001S 400 60 3,6
320002S 465 80 5,2
320005S 600 60 3,6
320010S 800 60 3,6
320012S 900 60 3,6
320015S 1000 60 3,6
320020S 1200 60 3,6
320025S 1400 60 3,6
320030S 1700 60 3,6
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