Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Volumetric heat treatment in Eastern Siberia

28.07.2023 14:36:00

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Another successful work on extra-furnace volumetric heat treatment! Specialists of our company have performed heat treatment of welds of a ball tank with a volume of 2000 m3, an internal diameter of 16 meters, a wall thickness of 50mm and a weight of more than 300 tons.

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Work on extra-furnace volumetric heat treatment, as a rule, is carried out on the customer's territory, at the place of operation of the equipment, and this time the enterprise was located on the territory of Eastern Siberia.

Since the design of the ball tank contains a large number of welds, this causes significant stresses in the tank body.

If there is a need for heat treatment of welds of large-sized structures, work by local heat treatment is excluded, due to the high cost, large volume of work and a long time range of the process.

Therefore, in a particular case, the work by the method of extra-furnace heat treatment is the most convenient, practical, profitable in terms of time and ensuring high quality.

Before starting work, the outer surface of the tank must be covered with a layer of thermal insulation, for an effective heat treatment process.

Extra-furnace heat treatment of the ball tank is carried out by heating the product from the inside. In this case, all existing welded joints of the product are heated.
Specialists of our company carry out work on out-of-furnace heat treatment with the help of special high-speed diesel burners, which ensure high quality and productivity of the process. When performing the work in this case, 6 diesel burners were connected simultaneously.

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Since the design of the ball tank contains a large number of welds, this causes significant stresses in the tank body. The process of heat treatment of the ball tank was carried out according to the high-release mode in accordance with the technical specification of the customer. The tank was heated until a temperature of 580-620 degrees was reached, the holding time at this temperature was 2 hours and then the product was cooled to a temperature of 420 degrees. The total time of heat treatment, excluding preparatory work, was 17 hours.

The heat treatment process was controlled by temperature data recording devices, thermocouples, which were fixed to the outer surface of the product. By the end of exposure, the difference in temperature readings on all installed thermocouples was less than 6 degrees, which indicates uniform heating and high quality of the work performed.

The work was carried out with strict observance of safety and labor protection rules. Upon completion of the work, the customer was provided with a full report on the out-of-furnace heat treatment of welded joints with a schedule attached.

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Our specialists have extensive experience in conducting heat treatment of welds, we closely monitor the quality of services provided, we are trusted to solve problems of any complexity!

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