Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Austenization of welded joints

18.08.2021 15:55:00

Heat treatment improves characteristics of metals and alloys.

Besides we sale local heat treatment units, we provide heat treatment of welds by ourself for our clients. Plentiful expirience, professionalism and using of modern technologies allow us to provide heat treatment in high level.

Austenization of welded joints
Austenization of welded joints

You can see performing of austenization process for our clients in picture. Austenization is main process in forming of heat influence zones characteristics in width range of temperatures. Process comprise heating up to 1100 С, dwell (1 hour) and air cooling. As a result, homogeneous austenite structure of welded joint, improvement of steel characturistics and decrese of permanent welding stress ware recieved.

If temperature is lower than specified one, it is impossible to get homogeneous sturcture. But higher temprerature leads to grain growth in metal, that leads to metal cracking. Heating speed is very important, too. This fact shows the importance of quality heat treatment process providing. Work provides with high quality and leads to desired result by reason of self-manufacturing equipment using, which allows to control heat treatment process of welded joints.

Thermists of our company "Repair Technologies"  can provide heat treatment of any difficult by the most modern equipment in short time.

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