Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

New machine for Capacitor discharge welding of thermocouples RT-1M-mini!


model RT-1M-mini

Thermocouple capaсitor discharge welding, with local heat treatment, has never been so easy!

A new lightweight and mobile capaсitor discharge welding machine for thermocouple wire model RT-1M-mini is designed to facilitate the setting up of thermocouples, especially on ramps and in other places that are difficult to reach.

This machine works completely in automatic mode! The operator only needs to turn it on. After touching the metal surface of a pipeline or other product with a thermocouple wire clamped in special pliers, an automatic adjustment of the thermocouple wire occurs. The delay of the discharge is two (2) seconds. There will be a sound signal, if the current conductor is touched by a wire, during the delay of the capaсitor discharge process.

The machine is packed in a lightweight and practical bag for easy carrying on the shoulder. In the bag, there is an office for storing special pliers, wires for charging the machine and other necessary accessories. The machine charging is prevented, by standard 220 V, 50 Hz power network.  

You can find out detailed specifications and order a machine by the link RT-1M-mini.

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