Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

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New material! Thermal Mat for heat insulation of welded joints


Thermal insulation materials are one of the main elements of the heating system when conducting local heat treatment of welded joints. During performing heat treatment, it is important not only to choose the power of the heating elements but also to keep the temperature created by the heating elements. The quality of insulation directly affects the power required for heating, and, as a consequence, the resistance of heaters.

We present to you our new products - thermal insulation material "Thermo Mat". Mats sheathed in the high-temperature fabric they are much more resistant:

Thermal insulation material

You can order the equipment on our website in the section Thermal insulation.

All necessary materials for fixing insulation, you can be found in the section Mounting Heaters with a Bandage Tape

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