Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Furnace heat treatment

19.06.2019 09:07:00

Our company is the leader in production of equipment for the local heat treatment of welded joints of pipelines in Russia and the nearest countries. However, we are often asked about the request of heat treatment of welded structures without building large and expensive stationary gas or electric furnaces.

In this case, we have some offers for our customers.

If you have our simple units for local heat treatment of welded joints, you can build temporary oven by yourself.

Heating in the furnace

To begin with, it is possible to weld a box-shaped structure of the required size from any available metal materials (angle, channel, other profile). After that, the inner surface of the self-made oven should be covered with 100-150 mm thick insulation. It is better to use heat insulating pins and clips to fix it.

Our photo shows our own temporary furnace, which we designed and built for a specific work. However, we did not disassemble it, and we use it for heat treatment of welded joints on small objects.

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