Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

The heat treatment of the steam generator body bottom welded joint is no longer a problem


The local heat treatment of the bottom circumferential welded joint to the steam generator case (diameter 4500 mm, wall thickness 105 mm) was successfully carried out

The success of the work was noted on the news portal of the company AEM-technologies and in their newspaper "OUR ATOMMASH" in January 2014. The work was preceded by a detailed study of the project with the simulation of the heating process on a special software package. After determining the parameters of the temperature area, our designers have developed a special set of heating elements. The design of the heating elements involved setting up on the steam generator and protruding elements with minimal gaps. This made it possible to obtain the required uniformity of the temperature area.

Heat treatment of steam generator. Repair technology

Heat treatment of steam generator AEM technology. Repair technology

Our Atommash. Repair technology 

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