Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Preheating during welding at Atommash

22.03.2021 11:25:00

Heat treatment is wide meaning.

The range of temperatures and applications is very wide. But we can confidentely say: if there is heat treatment, it means importance of process and high responsibility of providing work.

This is the situation that always arises for our long-time Partner, respected Customer, AEM-Technologies company, in particular, the Volgodonsk branch of Atommash. This plant produces equipment for nuclear power plants. Its products are distributed around the world where such construction is taking place.

Naturally, the nuclear power industry imposes very high requirements for reliability, safety and quality of products. Steam generators are the main heat exchangers of nuclear power plants, which characteristics are significantly depend on efficiency and economic characteristics of the plant.

A separate element of pride for us is that this plant has chosen our company as a reliable, permanent and proven supplier of equipment for heat treatment of welded joints.

In particular, our panels are used for preheating before and during welding of steam generator welds.

Preheating during welding with rotating

Preheating before and during welding

Heat treatment of welded joints

Preheating during welding

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