Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Preheating while welding during rotation

21.03.2019 14:03:00

Our customers face various tasks.

For example, in the manufacturing of thick-walled parts, such as cases, apparatus, pipelines and other necessary and important products, preheating before and during welding is often required. This operation is an indispensable part of the process to produce a durable, reliable welded joint.

Heating devices are usually mounted directly to the product. However, if it is necessary to rotate the product during the welding process, supplying cables will fall under the rotating bearings, or they will twist and interfere with the welding.To solve such problems, contactless infrared heating panels can be used.

Heating during welding with infrared heating panels

Continuous preheating of welded joint can be provided when product is installed in rotators or rollers. It is too hot for the welder, but work should be done!

Preheating during welding with rotation

Post welded heat treatment can't be done with such heaters because high temperatures can't be reached without tight insulation. So in case of PWHT after all control stages (ultrasonic inspection, color flaw detection, xengten, etc.) it is neccesary to install simple ceramic pad heaters for local heat treatment and insulate needed zone.

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