Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Complex heaters for heat treatment

17.12.2020 14:28:00

Low temperature heat treatment of steam generators welded joints.

Our company produces heating units, mats and other accessories for local heat treatment of welded joints. This is mass product and it is easy for productuion.

However, some times we face difficult tasks, where we need to spend much time of our best engineers to solve them. We did that for set of heating elements for low temperature heat treatment of NPP steam generator collector welded joints. Set of deliver consist of special heaters (heating complex) for bottoms and branch pipes.

Heat treatment of welded joints

Low temperature heat treatment provides for residual life increase of collector resource by heating metal up to base temperature and dwell this temperature at least 20 hours. Main feature of this task is complex configuratiion of product, high accuracy and uniformity of temperature field during heating.

Task decision imply simultaneous heating of steam geanerator bottom and inner collector. we invented special "Cigar" type heater, which mounts inside of collector to heat it.

Heat treatment of collector

Heating scheme is complitely difficult. Required total power for work of this system is 450 W. That's really huge. However, such projects show aspiration of company to solve difficukt problems. You can see how constuctors are experienced and how it is important to understand main rule of any business "Everything for Costomers".

Heat treatment of collector welded joints

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