Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Heat treatment of the drum welded joint

15.08.2019 11:15:00


Our company has developed a technology for heat treatment of welded spherical bottom to the boiler drum body.

To accurately comply with the rules of the work, the temperature field was simulated with the selection of heating elements sizes and temperature control points.

Heat treatment modellingHeat treatment modelling

Based on obtained results, designers developed special heating mats of complex structure, which allow fulfilling the technical task for the distribution of temperatures both along the axis of the boiler drum and in diameter.

Special holders (cable chains for heat treatment) are made to prevent mechanical stress on current-carrying ends of heaters for reliable fastening of power cables and splitters.

Banding for heaters

The customer successfully carried out heat treatment of the welded joint with full control of the temperature field.

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