Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Heat treatment of pipelines in a temporary furnace

28.01.2020 09:01:00

Our company often has to deal not only with the tasks of local heat treatment. There are such problems where the application of local heat treatment is not profitable or economically justified. An example of such a task is the heat treatment of welds of spiral-welded or longitudinal pipes of medium and large diameters.

In this case, the use of local heat treatment with ceramic heating mats is disadvantageous because the installation and dismantling of the heating system will take a long time.

Therefore, with a large amount of work, it is advantageous to build a temporary electric furnace in which heating panels can be used as heating elements, and the process can be controlled powerfully from the corresponding control unit.

Temporary PWHT furnace

This is exactly the problem we have solved together with our customer. Based on our recommendations, a temporary electric furnace of the required size was built by the forces of the Customer. The thermal insulation inside was made of ceramic fiber. Pipes with a diameter of 1820 mm can be heat treatmented. Even in spite of a good low heating rate, it is possible to carry out three cycles of heat treatment per day.

Electric furnace for heat treatment with control box 

The process of loading and unloading pipes from a temporary heat treatment furnace is carried out by a crane through a removable roof.

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