Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

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Local heat treatment of column's closing joint


Pleasant occasions often happen in our work. Sometimes you get a real flashback. Just like traveling by time machine to the past.

For example, more than ten years ago, our specialists and equipment participated in the construction of facilities in the far North of the Yuzhnaya Khylchuya field.

So PWHT of two closing joints was recently performed on the same column, which is visible in the photograph a decade ago

Local heat treatment of column's closing joint

Because of the increased complexity and other special conditions, the heating had to be conducted from the inside, and the thermal insulation should be installed on both sides of the column body.

Operator-thermist at work

The work was done in accordance with STO 00220368-019-2017. To perform this work, we needed equipment with a total power of 300 kW.

Units for heat treatment at work

But our operators-thermists, trained in our educational center, accurately, punctually, promptly and safely completed the task.

We wish to all our friends, customers, clients and partners the same success in performing local heat treatment of welded joints not only of pipelines, but also of capacitive equipment (columns).

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