Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Individual holder for the tails of the heating elements


During the work with huge objects of requires a large number of heating elements (mats). Every heating element has two “cold tails”. Incorrect connection of the ends of the heating element can lead to useless effort to find the misalignment.

Especially for solving such issues our company has developed an individual tail holder for the heating elements. It is mounted at the level of connectors and allows you to minimize time delays associated with the compliance of the possible cold tails misalignment.

Fastening of heating elements. Heat treatment. Repair technology

Due to the fact, that the fixed "cold tails" help to avoid the disastrous effects of mechanical stress on heating elements. An individual tails holder can elongate the lifespan of heating elements (mats). At the time, if the disastrous effects of mechanical stress, aren't removed from the heat treatment process, they are lead to cold tails breaking during the preheating.

The individual holders are supplied in any size and don't wear out at all. It allows you to perform heat treatment neatly, beautifully and efficiently!

Examples of using individual tail holders:

Examples of using individual tail holders

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