Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

Complex for heat treatment of welded joints

14.09.2020 21:38:00

There can't be too many heat treatment channels!

Our company "Repair technologies" already have proved for many times, that we can execute the most difficult tasks of heat treatment!

It concerns and very fast delivery of big quantity of heat treatment units for short time, and solution of the most difficult tasks of heat treatment of welded joints and expanding range of offered products.

That happend this time. One of our Customers needed multichannel unit with big set of specific requirement. The list of this requirements consists big quantity of independent heating channels, and distant control with sensor panel etc, which are written in multipage task.

Thermopost for heat treatment of welded joints

We took this task we high enthusiasm!

As a result, we got unit complex, which includes 4 independent conrol blocks. Every block has 36 independent heating channels. Besides every block has separeted sensor panel, which can be situated up to 100 meters from main block. There is an ability of all unit parameters control from sensor panel/

Heat treatment unit for welded joints

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