Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

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19.03.2020 12:39:00

One of the most popular of our company production are local heat treatment units of different power.

The greater amount of work needed more powerful equipment. That leads to increasing of channel quantity. 6  and 12-channel units is not the limit. We suoolied 36-channel unit recently.

However, we perfectly understand, that tasks of small diameter joints heat treatment appear very often. We invented compact one-channel inverter units for heat treatment exactly for such cases.

Inverter unit for PWHT

All this units has small weight and size, but reliability and efficiency not worse then "elder brothers". Every unit equipped with temperature controller and register. Controller allows to set firing curves for main types of heat treatment. Paperless register entered in the Register of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation, is supplied with the original verification certificate and allows to record whole process of heat treatment on to flash-card. Program for view of curves is available and print for customers.

The common one is 12 kW unit. Up to 4 heaters with working parameters 60V 45A can be connected with it. This unit has agjastment of output voltage in the range from 20 up to 80V. Thus 3 pcs. of 80V heaters can be connected to this unit.

Less powerful inverters for heat treatment power of 9 and 6 kW provide connection accordingly three or two heaters with working parameters 60V 45A. Moreover, inverter RT6-1 is different in connection, it needs one-phase 220V voltage, but inverters RT12-1 and RT9-1 need three-phase 380V voltage.

Some types of inverters can be equipped with another controllers. For example, we can install at our 12kW inverter combined controller-register of temperature Thermodat by order.

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