Equipment for local and volumetric PWHT (heat treatment of welded joints)

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Preheating during welding

03.07.2020 11:37:00

When they praise you, is it pleasantly? Of course. This is a pleasure for everyone!

One of our customers use panels for preheating before and during welding with rotation during the year.

Preheating during welding with panels

Preheating before and during welding

Many changes were made for this time. Peaple changed, a leap year has come, many people have changed their habits. But the result is unchanged. High quality of units for PWHT of welded joints and reliable staff combination gives stable result and production high quality.

Simple PWHT unit uses to control heat treatment process. Heatingg panels connects to this unit. Tempareture control provides with thermocouples and contact thermometer with probe.

Contact thermometer for temperature determining during a heat treatment

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